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Our projects to support people who suffered from 311. One of the clue for this is using music to encourage people. 1000 cellists concert is biggest issue for us since 2011 March 11.
The concert will be held on May 24, 2015, and this is completely a volunteer concert. 1000 cellists almost 90% of them visit Sendai from Friday afternoon to the end of concert (Sunday evening), will pay by themselves including application fee, accomodation and transfer expenses (faverage 100, 000 JPY cost to them).
Budget is limited as always and we thought deeply and sincerely what should we do for this event.
As a conclusion, we started three projects to make this 1000 cellists concert good for the people who suffered. As you could imagine, it is not sufficient for them to free from all they lost since 2011 311, but something very special we believe.
Three projects are as follows:
1. Invitation 60 sufferer from Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Prefs by microbus > 1 million JPY
2. Display three ulra big pictures (5.4mx16.4m) by Hiroshige Kagawa > 1 milllion JPY
3. Caravan on the next day. 20 cellists each and 5 teams to suffering area on the next day of the concert. > 0.6 million JPY
All three projects with its brief explanation can be seen at and donation will be payable until each deadline.
     deadline May 19, 23:00 JST
     already successfully completed
     already successfully completed
There is a link to cloud funding site Readyfor? Donation will be collected as selling some memorial goods and basically they could not accept sending them from abroad however we could manage that by using PayPal to Akira Takahashi.
Average fund from one supporter is around 10,000 JPY. I believe you can transact by yourself to make your account in Readyfor? and pay by your credit card. This way we feel easiest for us, however, you can send your donation through PayPal. If you do prefer this option please just let him know suitable email address and amount of donation, so he will send you invoice through PayPal.

Hi, Member of the 5th 1000 cellists concert.
Performance music update now.
Click here. Don’t miss out !

     ・Ave verum corpus Violincello 1 - 1,2,3
     ・Ave verum corpus Violincello 2 - 4.5.6
     ・Ave verum corpus Violincello 3 - 7.8.9
     ・Ave verum corpus Violincello 4 - 10.11.12
     ・Hymunus Violincello 1
     ・Hymunus Violincello 2
     ・Hymunus Violincello 3
     ・Hymunus Violincello 4
     ・Hymunus Violincello 5
     ・Hymunus Violincello 6
     ・Hymunus Violincello 7
     ・Hymunus Violincello 8
     ・Hymunus Violincello 9
     ・Hymunus Violincello 10
     ・Hymunus Violincello 11
     ・Hymunus Violincello 12
     ・Passacaglia & Tango Serenade 1- 1,2,3
     ・Passacaglia & Tango Serenade 2- 4,5,6
     ・Passacaglia & Tango Serenade 3- 7,8,9
     ・Passacaglia & Tango Serenade 4- 10,11,12NEW
     ・Asu Sen& Suzuki1- 1,2,3
     ・Asu Sen& Suzuki2- 4,5,6
     ・Asu Sen& Suzuki3- 7,8,9
     ・Asu Sen& Suzuki4-10,11,12
     ・Requiem Religioso & Furusato1- 1,2,3
     ・Requiem Religioso & Furusato2- 4,5,6
     ・Requiem & Religioso 3- 7,8,9
     ・Requiem & Religioso 4- 10,11,12
     ・Tohoku 1
     ・Tohoku 2
     ・Tohoku 3
     ・Tohoku 4
     ・Tohoku 5
     ・Tohoku 6
     ・Tohoku 7
     ・Tohoku 8
     ・Tohoku 9
     ・Tohoku 10
     ・Tohoku 11
     ・Tohoku 12

Poster & Brochure Download Here.

Download now→5th_poster2.pdf
Download now→5th_brochure2.pdf

The 5th 1000 Cellists Concert